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insport Series: Powys

10am - 2pm March 20 2024

insport Series events provide inclusive sport and physcial activity opportunities for disabled young people and adults across Wales. insport Series comes to Powys with inclusive sport opportunities at Maldwyn Leisure Centre, Newtown.

Facilities: Accessible changing and toilets, accessible sports hall, free parking, pool, track and squash courts

Thank you for joining us!


Are you passionate about sport?

Have you ever thought about what your potential could be?

Are you 10+ years old, and have either a physical, sensory or intellectual impairment?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then the Disability Sport Wales Performance Pathway team would like to hear from you.

Disability Sport Wales has prided itself on its success at major disability sporting events, winning more medals per capita than any other nation, and we want this success to continue, but this can only happen by continuously finding the next generation of talented athletes and nurturing them into reaching their full potential. Not everyone with an impairment will have what it takes to become a world class athlete, but everyone should at least get the opportunity to try.

Disability Sport Wales wants to hear from every individual who is looking to find out what their potential could be within sport, even if you have never done sport before or even if you’re looking at transferring to a new one.

We want you to get in touch by filling in the #inspire form:

Complete the #Inspire form

For further details, contact the Performance Pathway Team.

Disability Sport Wales' Community Partner: SPAR UK and AF Blackmore.

insport Series events are delivered with the support of Disability Sport Wales' Community Partner: SPAR UK and AF Blakemore & Son Ltd.

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