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If you are able to increase the Zoom level on your browser or device, that may provide the best experience of using this site with larger text. If you can't or don't know how, we have four text size options for you to choose from.

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You can choose to minimise the use of capital letters for headings and sub-headings if you find them easier to read in Sentence Case. Some text, including acronyms, may still be shown in capital letters.

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By default, we use different font weights across this site to help separate titles, links, buttons etc. from paragraph text. If you find medium font weights difficult to read, you can choose to make all the text on this site bold.

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We've tried to ensure even the Standard contrast option offers great contrast and legibility, but you can choose to enable a High Contrast version if you prefer that.

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This site sometimes uses animation to bring the content to life. If you'd like to disable this, you can do.

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